Exceptional Improvement

How Process Re-engineering Can Fatten Your Bottom Line

Down markets offer fantastic opportunities to exceptionally improve your cost structure and speed-to-market.  How?  By creating the ideal circumstances to evaluate and re-engineer your real estate portfolio’s life cycle.

Effective corporate real estate management (CREM) begins with a detailed understanding of how you identify, evaluate and implement real estate and facility decisions.  Making positive changes usually conjures images of big investments and angry CFO’s.  However, contrary to what you might think, saving crucial time and dollars will not require a significant up-front investment in capital or training.  What it takes is “know-how” and a commitment to change.

Galaxy Partners uses a robust, cloud-based real estate management system that helps evaluate your real estate portfolio top to bottom.  Combining our 20 years of Corporate Real Estate Management experience with scalable technology and ongoing training, Galaxy can deliver exceptional improvement to your CREM efforts with a minimal capital investment on your part.

Below are three ways Galaxy can add immediate punch to your CREM efforts.

  1. Collaborate on Project Management – Design and implement automated workflows to accelerate business processes and maintain accountability, including:
    • Receive bids securely (with data completion and date and time enforcement)
    • Eliminate multiple copies and FedEx by securely storing and sharing information online
    • Review automated spreadsheet comparisons to evaluate bids
    • Reduce typical contract turnaround time by 80% or more, to less than 10 days
  2. Standardize Transaction Processes – Develop and institute standards to evaluate your portfolio’s property life cycle and achieve maximum efficiency, including:
    • Accelerate speed-to-market with electronic site review packages and online decision forms
    • Automate potential site comparisons
    • Institute automated task reminders to ensure timely completion or supervisory follow-up
    • Reduce the time to find and approve sites by more than half
  3. Expand Lease Administration – Use dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI) metrics to evaluate lease and franchise agreements, including:
    • Use scalable, online file management to centralize files and reduce information access
    • Simplify implementation of new GAAP rules
    • Automate workflows to define task responsibilities and minimize conflicts between inside and outside resources

Contact Galaxy Partners to learn how we can help you reduce costs, accelerate decisions, and share successful lessons learned across your organization for immediate bottom line improvement.