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Which team will serve you best?

That’s the question to ask when considering a commercial real estate partner. After all, the team you choose doesn’t have to be the biggest, oldest or most expensive. It just has to be the right fit.

Here’s why our clients believe Galaxy Partners is the “best fit” for them:

We’re focused and specialized. Corporate real estate is not a division in our company. It is our company. It’s what each of us has spent a career doing. Meaning…

Our people are seasoned. Review our backgrounds, and you’ll find people who have helped shape the change in corporate real estate over the past 30 years. In fact, we were among the first to launch an independent corporate-only practice. But that’s not to say we’re old school, because…

We apply both high tech and  high touch. We use database systems and analytic tools to deliver and thoroughly understand useful, actionable real estate information.  At the same time, we don’t rely solely on technology to do the work. We’re in this business to share our thinking and expertise, and we put 110% into every client engagement. And…

We serve clients large and small. We’re just as proud to have local businesses in our client portfolio as Fortune 500 companies like Google, Family Dollar and Avon. Because companies of all sizes can always benefit from outside thinking and expertise in getting the greatest value out of their real estate.




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There is great joy in leading with authority, which is serving others by meeting their
legitimate needs.
— James Hunter


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