Galaxy Partners


Technology and experience for effective lease management

Are you leveraging your lease portfolio to reduce costs?

Companies are often billed for lease charges they should never have to pay.

Or they fail to recover money owed to them, as specified in the lease … miss a crucial deadline because they just weren’t aware it was coming … or lose money by managing leases in-house – a cost center that merits a second look.

Galaxy Partners helps you avoid all of these scenarios and wring the greatest possible value out of your portfolio of leases. We’re an effective outsource partner when you need expert help but don’t want to add staff or overhead. 

Our proven results come from applying technology, tenacity and experience to reveal and analyze information that is typically overlooked or misinterpreted.

  • Technology refers to integration of powerful real estate reporting systems.  We can operate your current system, help choose and implement a new system, or, for maximum effectiveness, maintain your portfolio database on our in-house system from Lucernex.  You can identify, analyze and report information that’s critical to your business decisions or download reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • Tenacity describes our drive to uncover insightful information. Simply put, we work hard to make sure that every advantage of every lease is fully known and capitalized. Too often, companies fail to cash in on hidden terms because they just didn’t have the time or means to identify them. We fill that void, and we do so with a strong work ethic.
  • Experience is just that: A depth of knowledge that can only be developed over time. Your lease portfolio team will always include at least two seasoned professionals – knowledgeable real estate consultants with 10 years experience or more.

Abstracting- Our lease portfolio management services also provide you with a perfect snapshot of lease provisions – an abstract that you have at your fingertips while negotiating renewals or restructuring terms. Email us for more information about lease abstracts.

Lease Analysis- You work hard to negotiate favorable lease terms.  But if you miss the opportunity to renew these terms – or if you neglect to terminate the lease of an unprofitable, unnecessary location – you will quickly erase the savings you secured in your original negotiation.

Email us to learn how we can increase your bottom line through better management of your lease portfolio or read some examples of how we have helped other companies get the gretest possible value of out of their real estate portfolio.