Galaxy Partners

Strategic Consulting

Creative solutions to common and uncommon challenges

What’s the most challenging real estate problem you face?

And if we helped you solve that challenge, would you consider working with us a worthwhile investment?

It’s a fact: Whether you lease, buy or sell commercial property to support your company goals, engaging with an outside partner can bring huge benefits – especially if that partner is as conscious about ROI as you are.

While Galaxy Partners has deep expertise in 1) buy/sell transactions and 2) optimizing lease portfolios, we serve corporate clients a third way: as a trusted advisor. Specifically, we can help you by:

  • analyzing your space needs, particularly as they pertain to projected growth or contraction
  • identifying and evaluating consolidation opportunities
  • facilitating your strategic planning initiative to deliver an actionable plan with accountability
  • analyzing one or many leases for significant savings opportunities
  • managing your RFP process to ensure that it benefits you
  • conducting market studies (SMSAs)
  • managing or assisting with site selection
  • creating economic incentives for locating new facilities

Hiring us on a consulting engagement is a cost-effective way of experiencing how we can create value. And our role can be as flexible as you need it to be: We work with companies on a project basis or as an extension of their operations. We also approach every consulting engagement with great discretion, to ensure that executive decisions can be made without alerting the marketplace or your workforce.